USS Pasadena (SSN-752) Situation Update


   Pasadena Navy League / USS Pasadena Foundation

                                                                                                                                    August 20, 2013

USS Pasadena (SSN-752) Situation Update

To:             All USS Pasadena (SSN 752) Foundation Members, Pasadena Navy Leaguers, Citizens, Patriots,
       and Believers in an American future protected by the talented crew and modern engineering miracle
       that is the USS Pasadena.

It is my pleasure to offer you this update on, and notice of important events that will mark the completion of the Pasadena’s availability at Portsmouth Naval Shipyard.  We expect that the Pasadena will depart Portsmouth sometime around the beginning of October and will arrive at her new homeport of San Diego before Thanksgiving.  As the overhaul wraps up, we have been in close communication with the Commanding Officer to identify areas where we can provide assistance in support of Crew morale.      

                  First, some background.  As most of you already know, the USS Pasadena has had a demanding 22 months in the shipyard.  It was diverted by the fire which occurred nearby aboard the USS Miami.  Several Pasadena crew were involved in the early and dangerous response to this horrific blaze. Pasadena was also subject to the budgetary and sequestration strictures which impacted, and will continue to restrict, all branches of the Military.

                    Nevertheless, and despite the geographic separation, we have maintained our close working relationship with Pasadena, her Commanding Officer CDR Mark Cooper and Crew culminating in our sponsorship of a New England Style Clam Bake last August which was greatly appreciated by all. This major crew morale event
(225 lobster dinners), costing over $6,000 was sponsored by the generous contributions of you,  our Foundation members.

                    The wrap up of the overhaul has now presented a new opportunity to continue in our role supporting the Commanding Officer in boosting ship’s morale.  This opportunity arises in the form of supplementation needed by the ships Food Service operation.  Submarines have always enjoyed a reputation for excellent food service during their demanding deployments.  Unfortunately, as with all military expenditures, costs associated with the Pasadena’s overhaul are under intense scrutiny and certain commitments for Food Service equipment, material and uniforms have been disallowed, or simply not funded as “non-mission critical.”  The result is that certain galley equipment, serving flatware and mess cook work uniform items have not been budgeted for.  Additionally, the large flats screen TV's in the Crews Mess, Wardroom, and CPO quarters are in need of replacement.  We have held discussions with the Captain and have developed a list of equipment and other items that would contribute greatly to this shortfall.  Basically, it is our desire that Pasadena have the finest Food Service operation in the Submarine Force and we have made a commitment to the ship to provide funding to help make that happen. 

                       As you will have anticipated, I am writing to ask that you once again consider your commitment to our Foundation, its purpose and role in support of SSN-752, and to make a donation.  Your generosity will be tax-deductible, address a worthy cause and, as always, be gratefully accepted.   Your donation will be memorialized on the ship with your name appearing on a Plaque to be displayed in the crews mess.  Should you wish to discuss this and any other aspect of our Foundation, please feel free to give me a call.

                      We have been all been waiting for this point when Pasadena begins her transit back to San Diego.  That moment is upon us and we can begin to look forward to ship visits, rides, and social interaction with this dedicated group of submariners. 

Best regards,

William L. Creedon
CAPT, USN (Ret) 
President USS Pasadena (SSN-752) Foundation

626 840-9682

Checks can be made out to the USS Pasadena Foundation and mailed to:

            Todd Moore
            C/O Hahn& Hahn LLP
            Ninth Floor
            301 East Colorado Blvd.
            Pasadena, California 91101